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Urgh…I can’t do LIOLI…both the hosts annoy me…but I’m addicted to the Property Brothers. It also makes me giggle a lot when I remember that one of them (Jonathan, I think?) was a pro magician before getting into renovations. Lol. :D
Yeah the hosts are annoying, but the Vancouver hosts are kind of better. Property Brothers is definitely the best, those guys are hilarious (also, omggg I had no one about the magician things. I feel like I now love that show even more).
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I mean, do you really love the view so much that you not willing to move into a house that a) you can afford and b) everyone gets a room to themselves (current home had all three kids in one room and master bedroom is just a bed in the living room)??? + bonus c) has a huge beautiful private backyard.

Even the renovator was like wtf why are you not moving to the other house.

ugh ugh ugh people making weird decisions on Love It or List It.

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I’m watching an episode of Love It or List It and the lady for real just said “if I had to choose between my house or my husband, I’d choose the house”. I don’t think she was kidding.

Just had a good cry on FaceTime when I saw my cat. She recognized my voice and looked at me, and I just want to pet her so badly :( :( :(

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Love It or List It is such a ridiculous show.







The only way he could be more beautiful is with hiatus hair.

And the hiatus beard.

And with less clothes.

Or no clothes.


Fresh out of the shower.

Towel wrapped around his waist.

Chiseled half wet Deeks smiling.

Naked Kensi waiting in bed.

She gets up and tells him he likes the scruff.

"Yeah?" His fingers tug at his much fuller beard. "It doesn’t tickle?"

Kensi bites her bottom lip. “Let’s find out.”

I can’t believe none of you are talking about those jeans, because… yeah.

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sometimes it physically pains me to hold back my sarcastic comments 

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He said “respect,” Aaron!

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