23 year old canadian geology graduate, who's trying to turn this into a cat blog without anyone noticing.
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Three hand-painted signs had been tacked to a broke-down gate. The first read, THE QUIBBLER EDITOR, X. LOVEGOOD. The second, PICK YOUR OWN MISTLETOE. The third, KEEP OFF THE DIRIGIBLE PLUMS. The gate creaked as they opened it. The zigzagging path leading to the front door was overgrown with a variety of odd plants, including a bush covered in orange radishlike fruit Luna sometimes wore as earrings.

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31 day challenge
DAY 19 // best moment in a vehicle

Deeks/Kensi + Cadillac SRX — “The Dragon and the Fairy” (3x18)

I know that nothing significant or noteworthy happens in this quick driving scene, but I love it nonetheless. I love how it was shot from the back seat of the SUV and it’s unbalanced and a bit shaky. I’m fairly sure ECO is actually driving here, and it gives such a cool and realistic quality to the scene that would otherwise be kind of bland.

(Plus, who doens’t love when Deeks gets to drive?)

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Laverne Cox in the music video for "You & I" by John Legend

Side note: This video is beautiful and wonderful and I cried

^^^^^ Ahhhhh watch the video!!!!!!

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what even are cats

Everything about this picture is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

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NCIS: Los Angeles 3x24 San Voir, Part II

There can never be too many reblogs of this.




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